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Useful for all Servers Bukkit & Spigot Plugins

Whether your server is a survival server, creative, or minigames, our plugins are designed for all servers. Every plugin developed by us puts ease of use and customization first. With auto updating config files, simple to understand setup, and powerful features, our plugins are the most reliable and powerful plugins out there.

InsaneWarps NovaLib PerWorldChatPlus

For any guild's needs Discord Bots

Our Discord bots are designed for everyone. Whether you need to organize events for your guilds, manage a help-desk, or something else, our bots are for you. DisCal seamlessly integrates Google Calendar into Discord with advanced features, web panel, and more. TicketBird is our unique help-desk bot that is aimed to easily assist you with managing tickets. Without minimal setup and commands, TicketBird is incredibly easy to use and understand.

DisCal TicketBird

Custom designed for your needs Specialty Software

Of course, if you need something custom that we currently don't offer, we can make it for you. Our custom projects allow you to order any Discord bot, Bukkit plugin, or other software special for your community. Get a quote today for the software you need!

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