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The All in One API Solution NovaLib

NovaLib introduces a new way for plugins to be developed. Rather than relying on several different APIs and libraries, plugins can now reference just one. This not only makes it easier for developers, but also means server owners need to maintain fewer plugins and thus less time is spent getting updates for every API plugin out there.

Powerful And Robust Current Features

  • NMS packet handling so you don't have to touch NMS code.
  • CustomConfig object to easily handle custom configs/files for you
  • Database API for easy connections to MySQL databases.
  • File/folder utilities for convenience.
  • Custom entity handling (Work inProgress).
  • EXP Timers.
  • Easy and simple communicate between Servers in a Bungeecord network.
  • Command API for simplifying the way you make commands (and simplifying complex commands)
  • And more!

Quick and Simple Installation

Just download the .jar file for your server (either Spigot/Bukkit or Bungee) and drop it into the plugins folder. Restart the server and you are all set!

Active Development Upcoming Features

  • SQLite support
  • Full and robust minigames API built in (Work in Progress)
  • Further handling of even more NMS code for you
  • Custom Entity handling/API (Work in Progress)
  • Commands from the console
  • Particle Effect Handler
  • And more!
  • Don't see a feature you want? DM me or open a ticket and I will add it in!